Pinoy Rap is WILD | 187 MOBSTAZ - WE DONT DIE WE MULTIPLY WDDWM Official Music Video Reaction (2024)



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All right, so this is a suggestion via a donation, the name of the video is, we don't die.

We multiply uh.

This is coming from 187 mobsters! Listen! If you guys are new here, please like and subscribe the more that you like this content, the more that I know that you specifically would like to see more of this specific type of content.

Okay, let's go ahead and just jump into this immediately, all right guys.

So let's go ahead and check it out.

Let's see what this is about guys.

I see it's four.

Oh it's 14 minutes all right.

Let's get it guys, where's this guys, okay, so this is like a so.

This is like a rap collective.

It seems all right, so his shirt says manila uh, so I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this is from the philippines foreign that first guy definitely can rap guys delivery cadence on point: let's get it guys.

Oh I like the way this guy feels foreign.

You definitely have a gangster grandma um.

I can't place what that is exactly I'm not gonna, say it.

Neither but definitely a gangster grandma boy bro work on your trigger discipline, though okay, sir all right take your finger off of the trigger, while you're pointing it at the camera.

Bro all right, rule number one foreign is definitely bone thugs like in harmony style of rap, that this guy is doing here, um, where it's not even like it's not like double or triple time.

It's just something else.

It's like a like a melodic triple time.

Almost foreign foreign, another chopper foreign.

You guys are filming in front of the bureau of corrections, guys all right, listen! First of all, these guys are interesting right um.

I did not know that they were gangster like that right.

If that makes any sense in the philippines right um, I had no idea right um.

I know I now know.

Okay, all right now, what's interesting is also um, so this rap collective is obviously like uh like like I don't know, I want to compare them to wu-tang clan guys because they feel like they may be the like the beginning of of rap in the philippines.

I could be wrong right um, but this looks so old that it could be if that makes any sense um.

I would say that this is probably early 2000s, most likely, maybe um, maybe 2010s or 9 or somewhere in there.

That's what it feels like right and some of the guys are.

Definitely you know of age, so it most likely tells me that some of these guys in here, like created the buzz of hip-hop potentially in that region and uh, continue spreading hip-hop around the world people absolutely without music, I'm feeling all alone, I'm very partial to that guy right there guys um.

I like it a lot the limit.

I found my speed with the trip and I almost quit it.

I put my feet into d.

I put my music mr bean up on my ribs.

Don't leave when I spit the beat from but again the laws from the courts and my pain find my nerves and my words start to work now more judge.

My turn okay, so hold on.

So the first guys didn't didn't, speak any english right and now it seems like everyone from after the hook is speaking more english.

Let's say right, um all right, let's, let's, let's check it out, no more judge, my turn, my heart only words much nerd has to spread the words with the proper verbs.

You can't extract the fact that this equation is guys you guys gonna have to.

Let me know guys.

Something tells me that bull thugs and harmony were absolutely gigantic in the philippines.

All right, I'm just going to guess all right.

Don't ask me how I know, but just let this, let me tell you right: I'm almost positive bone thugs and harmony were like one of the largest groups in the philippines for hip-hop at least foreign foreign foreign.

This guy is super eccentric, foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, without music, I'm feeling all alone.

I actually like the hook.

A lot like it has grown on me to the point where I'm like in my head, like singing it now is foreign, is guys those are not airsoft guns, guys um.

I don't know guys, I'm just confused.

How do you have guns? Do they allow guns there in your question in philippines guys? I have no idea.

I know we have them, so I immediately think that everyone else doesn't.

I don't know, I can't explain it right um, but that's a that's.

A lot of you know like we're talking about like multiple m16s is particular is um.

What's interesting? Is that there's so many like absolutely dope guys rapping in here right, no idea what they're saying at all right, but you know they can rap if that makes any sense right, um like if you guys are like into hip hop like seriously in the hip hop.

You know when you hear someone that can definitely rap, but you have no idea what they're saying that makes any sense right um.

This is purely based off of their overall delivery.

Mic presence- and you know cadence- is without music, I'm feeling all alone all right, guys, all right.

So, overall solid um, there were some rappers who were who were much better than some of the other rappers right absolutely, but I think on the large scale, like the grand scheme of it um, a lot of them were very good guys.


This is where I'm gonna say here um.

I think that the beat should not have been 14 minutes long right, um, it probably should have been like it would have been better if they would have done like a um like almost like a mix tape.

Out of this, it could have still been like 15 minutes right, but it would have given somewhat of a break in listening.

What I mean by that is change.

The beat right, don't make the beat just a loop and then re-loop and re-loop re-loop it for 14 minutes, that's kind of hard to listen to right.

Um, I understand a portion of the beat was given out to most likely all of the rappers, and then they were just like all right.

We're gonna jump on this like this um, but I think a a much better way to do it right would have been to do like.

Let's see 15 minutes, even if it was like, like maybe four different, beats, just divided right um.

That would have probably been a much easier, listen if that makes any sense right, um, but yeah.

These guys are great other than that, and I mean it's really not a complaint other than the fact that the beat is definitely monotonous because it's a loop right, it's just a loop that goes over and over and over and over and over again that gets kind of hard to listen to.

After about six or seven minutes, I would say um, but in terms of them rapping these guys are great.

Obviously these feels these feel like they are most likely the origin of pinoy rap guys all right.

Listen! Let me know in the comments on the next thing, uh from them right that I should be listening to, and I will get into that as soon as I possibly can all right.

Listen, you guys all have an amazing day enjoy it thoroughly.

Pinoy Rap is WILD | 187 MOBSTAZ - WE DONT DIE WE MULTIPLY WDDWM Official Music Video Reaction (2024)
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