Lizzie McGuire Season 1 Episode 24 Night Of The Day Of The Dead (2023)


Halloween Special


Okay, here's your Halloween battle plane.

The house is marching ready to give out the best candies the house is Mark in blue, gets out little boxes of raisins.

Then we'll take the dust.

Rancho Vista, Estates they're all rich, and they do that full-size candy bars! No, you should go as Matt a troll.

That way you wouldn't need any makeup.

Actually, I was gonna, be the ugliest kid on Earth, but you're already wearing the costume.


This is it Matt's going down.

Oh crud here come Mom and Dad hide the Catapult.

Hey Mom, my Halloween trick-or-treat bag was too small.

Last year.

Can I borrow the wheelbarrow uh champ you're not gonna, need a trick or treat bag this year, because you're not going trick-or-treating.

Now, don't worry.

You're gonna have a good time.

You're gonna go to the Halloween Fright Night at your sister's School.


They got haunted dungeons game boost prizes, everything, hello, great I, get a Bratz at my little brother talk about scary trick or treat.

Ah so the girls soccer team will be in charge of painting the soccer balls like human heads for the guess.

How many human heads are in a barrel of heads game? What touchman I am your father? It's Darth, Vader I, do a great Darth, Vader I could scare people with that sit down.

Touchman, okay, let's discuss decorations I want to display skeleton dolls from El Dio de los Muertos, which is the Day of the Dead, which is Halloween in Mexico.

Why would we want to display your stuff because it's cool? No, it's not! It's lame! I! Think it's great to have stuff from other countries at our parties.

Fine, you can have your stupid little Choice set up on a table.

There are Miniature skeletons that represent dead ancestors, so you'd, better treat them well.

Sierra I know sit down and save it.

I mean it I, don't know if a kid from barefun of the spirits once and after three days he was found in a coffin surrounded by skeletons, his hair turned white wait and he never ever spoke again.

Thank you all right, we'll treat them well.

Anything else I'd like to sign up to be Vampire Mistress in the dungeon of Terror I would look so Slinky and cool as a vampire I am so tired of wearing mom's old, marching band uniform every year.

You should let her Kate Lizzy be really good.

Well, I! Guess I could let you be the dungeon, mistress, really yeah, but you're going to have to clean out the janitors utility room where we're putting the dungeon it's yucky in there, hey I do a great wookie.

Oh it's, okay, I'm, solid, it's even closer than I thought.

Of course it's gross! It's where the janitor keeps his bucket of throw up sand.

Whenever a kid around here throws up.

That's it right.

There I swear Kate sander spins, like all of her time, just thinking of ways to listen.

It's true understands all of her time.

Thinking of ways to make everybody miserable well, it'll be worth it to be a vampire hottie.

Thanks for helping me Gordo helping you, you 'd have to help me.

Why would I help you, so you can once again do exactly what Kate Sanders wants.

So you can let her manipulate you and every other kid in the school who hopes and prays for their 15 minutes of popularity.

Why on Earth would I participate in that because my cousin Heather's coming into town again this summer and I'm gonna get her to go out with you quit your Yavin we've got work to do the utility room is all clean Kate.

What a good little cleaner! You are only props for the dungeon, so I can start decorating.

Oh I forgot to tell you I decided to be the vampire dungeon mistress I, need you to be floppy the clown and give out balloons what you said if I cleaned out the slop hole, I could be Vampira I know, but as head of the Party Committee I decided that Vampira should be someone tall and desirable, and that's me see ya of concealer, for this I need some gross stuff for my costume I'm going as me turn inside out I know.

I know: oh, can I use this spaghetti sauce, no honey! That's for dinner! Tomorrow night! How about this caviar stuff? It looks like brains, you may not use the caviar, that's for your father and I tonight how how about the sausages, uh, I, suppose sure gross.

Oh, my God I'm falling out all right.

You got caviar for us tonight, yeah well, the trick-or-treaters are gonna, probably be done by 7 30 and then we'll have the house for ourselves.

No kids, no screaming nobody fighting over the TV remote.

Just you and me yeah gross.

This is so disgusting.

Look, Who's, Talking, hey Kate, oh real, mature! Oh, yes, it's very immature of us to play with toy skulls on Halloween.

We'll try to grow up.

Did somebody order a box of skulls, hey Mom, where's Dad, oh he's coming! He had a little accident in the parking lot.

I may need a needle in bread.

I got my sleeve caught in the car door.

Careful dad Kate will tell you you're immature.

Oh Miranda I love your parents.

They know that hi Mrs Sanchez.

How are you Mr Sanchez? Oh, how interesting Day of the Dead is one of my favorite holidays yeah and on El Dia de los Muertos in Mexico.

People go to the cemetery and have a meal with the dad.

Oh, it's a lot more fun than it sounds.

There's dances and all kinds of stuff tamale represents the meal.

It's chicken, the dead, have to watch their cholesterol.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

It is going to make our fright night so much more interesting.

Well, it's our pleasure and now I think we're gonna get out of here.

So you kids can finish decorating thanks.

Mom thanks Dad your cake, give Miranda a hand with the rest of your stuff, hi Mr, Mrs Sanchez, we're just on our way out.

We'll see you later Lizzy bye thanks again Mr Mrs Sanchez.

We really appreciate it.

Get that stupid junk off the refreshment table.

Do you believe Kate she's, funnier than cafeteria cheese, take your little ancestors and stick them in the corner, I'm in charge here, I say where stuff goes.

You know what Kate I, don't care, what you do to me, but you should so not diss.

My dead ancestors.

If you get a mad bad stuff can happen, ooh, I'm! So scared.

He shouldn't come as a vampire.

She should come as a sewer rat.

So do these things really have powers, go, get Kate sticker boy go, get her I'll, keep you bone I! Guess they don't really work too bad it'd be cool if they did them.

It's a snake.

Here, it's a worm here.

It's uh spaghetti here, it's a caterpillar.

This is a lame balloon animal! Oh sorry, let me fix it there.

Now it's extinct, yeah I! Did it hey you in one coupon? How many do I need to get the lava lamp 307.? Well, what can I get with one uh, hair, scrunchie or a burger, buddy and I guess give me the Burger buddy, oh ravioli I mean.

Can you believe how she just stole my costume um right, yeah, terrible thing to do? Where did you get that? Oh there were the skeletons are getting married.

You ate the food offering of the Day of the Dead.

You stole the sacred meal of my dead ancestors.

He had cheese on it.

Do you know what you've done? You have offended the spirits.

You have opened the door to this world and the next you will have unleashed the dark.

Angry forces of the Restless Dead way to go beef head all right.

Let's not get carried away here day of the dental holiday, just like any other holiday Matt.

All you did was eat a tamale.

You didn't wake up any Supernatural forces good.

What happened to my lemonade? It turned black.

What's that that was lemonade, it was now it smells all moldy and rotten and dead Kate did you move the bride and groom skeleton? No Miranda did you.

No, the spirits are awake, evil and doom walk the night.

There must be an innocent explanation for all of us, then explain why the lemonade was black.

It's cafeteria lemonade.

You know what the food's like around here.

It's mostly bacteria, you let the beef stew sit out for two minutes and it grows legs and hops away.

Well, I! Don't want anything ruining my party we'll replace the lemonade with fruit punch, Miranda, um I'm, a little freaked out this whole day of the dead stuff is just Superstition right.

I mean someone probably just moved those skeletons right right.

It's probably just Superstition good, because husband told me that Matt disappeared.

They were like showing each other how to dislocate their jaw and all of a sudden there was a flash of light and this dust Muertos in the mud of the Dead My grandmother used to talk about what would happen if you made the spirits angry Matt ate their tamale now they've taken Revenge.

This is ridiculous.

No skeletons got up and walked away.

There are no Spirits taking Revenge.

Well, look what they did to Matt.

That's not Matt! That's dirt! It's dirt, then.

Why is one of his eyeballs in it yeah, probably in the bathroom or or playing in the gym, and you guys are getting hysterical about ghosts and goblins, and it's ridiculous.

You hear me I.

Think it's stupid come on.

Spirits turn me into dust, see nothing nothing.


The truth is if Matt did get Spirited Away to the realm of the Dead who's gonna be in trouble with Mom and Dad me Sam come on your food's gonna get cold.

Well, there's no more trick-or-treaters! It's eight o'clock! Pumpkin's coming in porch light goes off, I'm calling it a night and husband sits next to wife.

Now that's a treat be right back trick-or-treat and you were just here 15 minutes ago.

Uh no I wasn't Now.

Give me some candy yeah you were I gave you our last candy bar.

Wasn't me no hand over the candy, yeah yeah I, wouldn't remember this costume.

Who are you supposed to be anyway? Um I'm, The, Knife, Guy Now, give me some candy old man, Tick Tock Sam just give him some candy get rid of it.

I don't have any more candy here.

Have some chicken pot pie? What no it's good take it chicken pot pie I'm a vegetarian, you heard Gordo.

This is just Superstition.

Until somebody proves it's not I'm going to enjoy myself help.

Lizzy Miranda help Gordo Gordo.

Where are you I, don't know, I can't see anything.

What's going on Gordo what happened? I don't know a helmet.

Oh my gosh you're inside the burger buddy I am oh.

Go, get me out how how it's the spirits they did this.

This is your fault.

You had to break this Day of the Dead thing.

Stop arguing just get me out of here.

Well, you shouldn't have dipped them.

Tell the spirits I'm! Sorry I tell them.

I'm scared! Don't try to blame this on me.

Oh my parents, I miss them I, don't know, Squirtle, look what you did I didn't.

Do it don't try to blame this on me.

You push me first, okay, are you? Okay, rubber, bad son movies, mate, good, hey, hey, okay, monster horror at Chiller, theater, oh I'm, very scared! You better hold me close, okay, I'll uh, protect you! That's right, don't get it they'll go away! Okay, hey! We got a coupon from Burger buddy for free French, fries, kids, love fries foreign.

They don't seem to be too fond of chicken pot pie, get some more candy bars next time.

That's all right! Okay, okay! Lizzy is way out of line she's, not Lizzy.

Right now, the spirits of the Dead have taken over her body, Kate, ah they're, using Lizzy for for Revenge they're mad, because you called The Day of the Dead artifact stupid and shove them off in a little corner.

Donkey dumb, dumb dumb, can we stop her I? Think I.

Think I.

Remember my grandmother talking about ways to beg the spirits for forgiveness, a shovel full of graveyard dirt and a down full blood? Okay! No, we don't need the actual stuff.

It can be symbolic, there's chocolate cake and punch in the cafeteria that can be the dirt in the blood great.

What do we do? We need to cover ourselves with it um.

It shows our respect for the Dead no way I am not going out there.

At least we are safe in here.

You have to cover yourself with a punch in the chocolate cake.


Okay, now you have to perform the dance of the Dead uh twirl around and hop on one foot, Now call like a pro now pack, the top of your head and sweat your room.

Okay, Lizzy Lizzy, please forgive me what now say.

Cheese terrific in school newspaper help me help me.

I'm gonna, look ridiculous on the front page: what's the matter, king zombie got your tongue foreign told your day.

That day was my favorite holiday.

Now you have fun with Lizzy tonight and we'll see you tomorrow, guys thanks chop.

Well done, you really think he's gonna come back.

Hey I was a kid once I know how these trunks think see right on cue, so uh on the count of three yeah one two trick or treat Miranda's staying overnight and she forgot her sleeping bag.

I see we give him candy at our house.

I'll get a towel.

Oh I'll go make some coffee told you we should have called first excuse me.


Why was Lalaine not in the last episodes of Lizzie McGuire? ›

Lalaine's character Miranda did not appear in the last 6 episodes filmed for the second season, or The Lizzie McGuire Movie, due to Lalaine leaving the series early to work on other projects such as You Wish!. Filming of the movie and series concluded in December 2002 after 65 episodes were produced, a standard limit ...

Why was Lizzie McGuire cancelled after 2 seasons? ›

Lizzie McGuire Ended Because Of Contract Disputes

At the time, Duff's mom acted as her manager. Knowing how well-received the series was and how in demand her daughter became, she asked for more money.

What episode of Lizzie McGuire has Aaron Carter? ›

Aaron Carter's Coming to Town is the seventh episode of the first season of Lizzie McGuire.

When did the last episode of Lizzie McGuire air? ›

The following is a list of episodes of Lizzie McGuire, a television comedy series created by Terri Minsky for Disney Channel. It aired from January 12, 2001, to February 14, 2004. The show was produced by Stan Rogow.

Why was Miranda not in the Lizzie McGuire? ›

"In the Lizzie McGuire universe, Miranda's absence was explained by a very extended family vacation in Mexico. In reality, Lalaine—the actor who portrayed Miranda—was busy with other Disney projects. A few years later, she later hit a rough patch, including a felony drug charge, rehab, and a career slow down.

Are Hilary Duff and Lalaine still friends? ›

Lizzie was also there for Miranda when she opened up about her problem with body dysmorphia. The two characters were tight-knit friends, and, as it turns out, Hilary Duff and Lalaine are seemingly still friends, too, which makes the classic on-screen friendship that much sweeter.

Did Gordo have a crush on Lizzie? ›

In the episode "Dear Lizzie", it is revealed that Gordo has a crush on Lizzie. She never reveals her feelings in the series. However, they finally reveal their true feelings and kiss each other at the end of The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Why did Disney plus cancel Lizzie McGuire? ›

Minsky was fired from the project and the vision for the series fell apart shortly after that. After two episodes of the Lizzie McGuire reboot were filmed, Disney decided to move in a different creative direction. The series was completely sent to the chopping board shortly after.

What state is Lizzie McGuire set? ›

Storyline. Follows beloved Lizzie McGuire (2001) as she turns 30 and experiences life in New York City.

How old was Hilary Duff in Lizzie McGuire first episode? ›

Duff, who was 13 when the first season of “Lizzie McGuire” debuted, revealed to hosts Josh Peck and Ben Soffer that she gravitated to a music career as an escape because she “didn't want to be Lizzie McGuire anymore.”

How old was Hilary Duff when she was with Aaron Carter? ›

The former child stars dated on-and-off until 2003, having started their romance, according to Carter, on his own 13th birthday, which was December 7, 2000. Given that Duff is a few months older than Carter, she would've already been 13 when they started dating on his 13th birthday.

Who did Aaron Carter date when he was 18? ›

As a teenager, Carter dated several high-profile celebrities, including Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. On September 17, 2006, at age 18, Carter became engaged to former beauty queen and Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche; he proposed to her on stage while performing at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

What did Gordo write in Lizzie's yearbook? ›

Gordo has written: "Dear Lizzie, You rock. Don't ever change. And only I really mean it." It's a simple message, but one that greatly affects Lizzie, and when the students gather for a group photo, Lizzie plants a big kiss on Gordo's cheek just as the camera snaps.

What's Stevie Thinking? ›

What's Stevie Thinking? is a Disney Channel show that was never picked up. It was a spin-off to the series Lizzie McGuire. Selena Gomez starred in this series as Stevie Sanchez, the main protagonist.

Who is Lizzie McGuire boyfriend? ›

Synopsis. Lizzie has her first boyfriend, named Ronnie, who is the local neighborhood paper boy. Lizzie is completely besotted with him and Miranda and Gordo are fed up listening to Lizzie talk about him all the time.

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