Lena Paul behind the scenes of an Evil Angel Production (2024)


Lena Paul is such a beautiful and sweet girl and an amazing performer. Come and meet her behind the scenes on our latest shoot for Evil Angel director Chris Streams.


Okay, hey how an excellent and happily surprised, I knew that you're gonna be here.

I heard I have to share you I know, and then the schedule changed, and now it's just the two of us.

It gives you all the rights I think the last time I had you was group 2, so yeah, let them you have to share me.

I had to share you and now you're, all mine, Thanks, so I really looking forward to it.

This time it was such a sweaty scene where were like holy acrobatics.

This is like always acrobatics.

Yeah, we've already worked up.

Yeah I just feel like I'm, going to the gym.

Every time I go, do like a heart attack.

Scene I'm, just like I'm gonna be disgusting.

The time I'm done and I was I was feeling it was since Sunday I think we shot and I was feeling like in the old days, because after our scene, I had to rush directly to the next scene.

Actually take this yeah, oh my god, you're, so tough on your feet.

That's I could see butts so buckle.

I thought it was actually here for Chris DP, and we are back here to that place where he have written for Chris dreams and I know.

Today it's gonna be a super cool scene because he's the easiest guy to shoot for so I am so.

This is my last before I fly home I've been here for six weeks, something like that kind of just spending summer shooting a lot of content.

This is my last day, so this is my son.

Dolph I feel like I'm, a very good company for my last last days.

You do the other way around.

Most people go to Florida in winter and no yes, summer starts and you go to Florida I yeah, exactly no I, it's it's totally.

Bass-Ackwards I really I have so much content that I've shot this pasta this past month, so I'm just gonna sit at it for me, and my puppy dog gonna sit on the couch in and it pornos for the first two weeks.

No, no beach time go to the beach I.

Think I'm gonna go to the beach.

I have a little niece, she's, four and I think I'm on babysitting duty this week, so we're gonna go.

Do beach, stuff, go to girlie princess stuff, I've been only shooting in Florida once and resting there so high weeks, and it was perfect.

I fell in love with it.

I ya know: Florida I'm I'm, a southern girl, so I went to college in Florida, like it's just kind of for me, I like Los Angeles, because I get to come out here and have great sex but I just I'm a country girl at heart, but I like to be when I like too much like that we were, we were in Miami and they have new beaches.

They're like here, you don't find a new beach yeah, especially like around anything further south in Tampa really and you're.

Gonna find like a lot of like swingers and alternative lifestyle.

People like there's a lot of yeah like there's an oddly progressive sexual streak, hearta I.

Remember we had that weekend off and I became friends with one of the local girls and I asked her.

If she wants to come with me to Key West- and she said- oh yeah sure, do you mind if I take another friend and we went like two girls and me, we had so much fun and it was a night that the two million girls and me went to the I.

Don't know that she was, we worked together, became friends so and the other one was a [ __ ] insert generation she's, not in the movies but her mother and her grandmother, your prostitutes and they were super cool.

She called her mother on the way to give us and say: hey.

We wanna party and [ __ ] working with our and her mother, gave her some tips and Wow.

It was really school.

That's I, you know, I got my mom and I were tight, but I've never hit up my mom and been.

Can you uh? Can you tell me where the best spots to [ __ ] queue outside? That's that's love right.

There and I.

Remember I was wearing shorts and we were in a bar and the girls pulled out my book from the shorts and the waiter came and I thought.

Oh, we might be in trouble and he said.

Excuse me, sir.

My boss is gay.

Do you mind if I take a picture of your penis? That's all is wait, so you take your dick out at the bar and they take your together at the bar and the only response from the restaurant waiter is I want to show you dick to my boss.

It's very like it's a very strange part of the United States.

It has its own weird character.

Yeah, it's so different like here.

You cannot even go topless at the beach in LA County you.


This is a little-known secret in Los Angeles County.

As long as you're within like the Municipal Lake City area, you can be completely 100%.

Buck-Ass naked I have walked down through Chinatown, like 100 percent naked really, and nobody should I biked 11 miles naked through I have to ask my lawyer about it.

I know because in San Francisco it used to be like this and they changed the law a few years ago, and now you see gay guys walking naked on the street still, but they put a sock over their penis.

The key yeah the here it is locked.

So I interviewed a cop for like I shot like a pilot for something and I was interviewing the cop about nudity laws, and he was telling me he told me directly that as long as I'm, not anything it elicits like if one even I don't have a butt plug or anything like that, I can go anywhere in the city of Los Angeles ass naked, no problems.

Nobody can stop me that is very nice.

I know it was like this if I should shut up that way, yeah.

Actually it's not that Lake County anymore, oh yeah, everything! That's true! This is a little I can't say that's a good thing, because we don't have to use condoms.

I know, that's a very good thing, very good thing: I'm! Not why do I get tested every 14 days if I have to wear rubber is like I? Don't I don't get needles every 14 days to have to do that? Okay, I! Don't want to hold up the production.

We are ready to roll and I'm very much looking forward and maybe I know we are in time.

So before you rush out to your plane, we can talk a little bit after I see whether that who is out there any makeup.

Less probably I'll just show what did work you did on me.

You have to show the before and after okay lovely thank you Oh.

It was amazing.

The shoe is so much fun, you're, so much fun, I'm ready to go to sleep now you can pass in front of the camera.

Don't worry! Okay, so we are back on YouTube channel Steve Holmes porn and we talk about porn.

Unfortunately, I cannot show any new.

We could show you what we just did she yeah and I wish I could show you her boobs and ass.

It's just amazing.

You can see it on Twitter.

What's your trade on Alina, L e & a is a peach.

Okay, I'm gonna show it on so Leena.

We were talking a little bit before that we both like dire straights yeah, yes, and we sometimes feel like in a dire straits song.

Yes, we got our money for nothing and our chicks for yeah definitely I very, very happy for the scene today, I'm so happy.

This is the perfect send-off the perfect to wrap up to my summer tour you're, gonna I, usually I, try and come for like a big trip like each season, so I'll be back in like September good contact you when you're here and invite you to our bowling nights.

If you like to come, that would be wonderful, I'm horrible at bowling, but I'll be great moral support.

I mean we have.

We have some good players, but most of us are bad great.

Something goes even just show up, and then they don't pay because they don't want to ruin.

Yeah no I've heard about I've heard about pornstar bowling.

I want to go for in Stara bowling, okay, good I, gonna, I, gonna text, you partner next time when you're.


Yes, please I, give you my number, so you can text me without bill and you have to catch a plane.

I do I have to I have to go and pack up my apartment, real, quick, good I have a few questions, because I mean we shot together and I kind of feel.

I know you, but only sexually.

You only know one another sexually yeah I mean yeah, I kind of know what you like yeah.

You know what I like you know what I like you don't seem to have any trouble against in there.

But I.

Don't know your background.

I, don't know what motivated you to do porn.

Oh, how did you? How did you get in the business? Why did you choose to do porn? Well, I was working in environmental startups in Latin, America I dropped out of school to go found a start-up with some tech, buddies of mine and everything was looking amazing.

We were pitching to like fortune 500 companies to like use their investment, their venture capital funds on us.

Everything was looking great and then it wasn't suddenly and I had a lot of business debts, but I had been webcaming at night in from like my hotel rooms in like Mexico and Guatemala I would just geo block Mexico and Guatemala, so I could keep working there, but like have a night job to get money for my startup again, and so you know, geo blocks are easy to oh, so easy and I.

Do it all the time all the time when I travel to countries where they have no net fleet? So what exactly I know it's the same thing now.

I know that yeah so I when my business failed, I was like hmm, well, I, actually really kind of am good.

At this whole webcaming thing and I have all this business debt I should do porn to fund my startups, so, like I've been kind of doing that ever since then, using cortisone that was startups.

You had for improving the environment, yeah so indirectly, porn pays for improving environment.

The environment, yeah now indirectly porn actually funded.

Some really interesting.

Research into climate changes effects on various fungus fungus of Central America, the more you know, another question mm-hmm.

You are so good in anal sex.

How did that come? How did you discover? That is something you like that you're good at you know that was actually one of those things I was kind of.

I was skeptical.

That I was going to find a lot of space for self exploration within porn, because I had done everything beforehand.

I was very adventurous and, like I didn't really like anal before I did porn and then porn girls taught me how to do anal properly and I just started this love affair of, of course, I'm gonna have people like you were so good at it and who know what they're doing and I don't know porn made me fall in love with anal for sure I just got really lucky that I loved it so much that I think my body just makes it easier for me: okay, you're flattering me, but I have to say experience helps on both sides.

It's very true.

It's so true, like practice, really does make perfect on these things and you have to others.

You can't [ __ ], a butthole like you, [ __, ], a vagina, it's very like especially not at the beginning.

Not at the beginning.

You can you can when it opens up yeah, you can start to [ __ ] [ __ ] it, but whatever it's like, you have to be delicate with it at first, you have to like coax it to come out, mm-hmm relax, it might yeah.

Unfortunately, I have to let you go to your next trip to California I'm.

Looking forward to my next trips California bye, bye, guys, we keep coming for a moment.

Lena Paul behind the scenes of an Evil Angel Production (2024)
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