Bonnie Hunt Talks 'Amber Brown' Series, Loss Of Her Mother (2023)


Actor Bonnie Hunt joins the 3rd Hour of TODAY to talk about stepping behind the camera to direct the new Apple TV+ series “Amber Brown”. She also takes a moment to send love to her niece who is a cancer patient, and tearfully remembers her mother. “A part of me will always be grieving the loss of my mom,” she says.

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Our next guest is an emmy and golden globe nominated actor who has starred on the big and small screen.

Ah, yes, bonnie hunt rolled some magical dice in the original jumanji.

Then she took multitasking to another level as a mom of 12 and cheaper by the dozen and for her latest project bonnie's.

Behind the camera directing the new apple tv plus series amber brown about a young girl navigating life after her parents, divorce.

Here's a look, you sure, you're fine, with spending the night somewhere else away from home, even with school the next morning.

Yes, absolutely for sure, and I can wear these pjs the dad sent me- I mean wear them like show open them, cute right, yes, very, sweet, I'm so excited cutie, bonnie good morning to you.

It's so good to see you you too jake! You know what I want to do.

I want to say hi to ashley.

First, just watching right now your niece say good morning to you good morning to asheville.

We know she's a big fan.

Yes she's.

You know a cancer patient right now, my beautiful niece and she's in the emergency room watching us, because her white count is up all the cancer patients out.

There know what I'm talking about when you're going through chemo and you have that white count go up it's a little scary but um.

Well, we hope we can be a little hug for her in the morning.

Yes, and and all of you anybody out there fighting it, you know just know you're a warrior and um.

Our energy is with you, mine and ashley, sending lots of love to you guys all right.

So, let's talk about amber brown, we're very excited, and it's based on a book series, as I mentioned uh a girl's going through a lot of changes in her life, including her parents, divorce.

What else tell us a little more? Well, it's really about.

I mean just talking about my niece.

You know I have a bunch of nieces and nephews and of course, I'm close to all of them.

Ashley was born when I was working at second city back in the days and uh.

My whole family's been a big part of the show, because so much of it is personal for me, even though it's based on the books from paula danzinger, the family was kind enough to.

Let me explore and heighten the characters and bring them into present day and amber.

The whole show is for the whole family we were talking about before we were on the air just uh.

I try to write from my heart and with humor, like my mom, instilled in me, and I it's been so much fun to kind of share my family's sense of humor and love through this series, and I hope it touches people.

We've talked a little bit about your mom, we're so sorry to hear of your loss.

I know how close you are, but I know that it was important to her for you to address family, different issues and family, and would you just love this mom with her pies yeah um yeah it.

You know, I'm um, I think a part of me will always be grieving.

The loss of my mom- sorry, oh, but um yeah, I mean I'm, I'm inspired by her constantly and she'd always talk to me about the ripple effect.

You know you're a storyteller bonnie, remember the ripple effect be mindful, because what you put out there has an effect on people you're doing it.

So I was watching yesterday and it's the kind of show you can watch with your kids and it's okay.

It feels like a safe space.

Talk to me about this amber brown, this main character.

She had me at hello yeah she is, I was just like: where did they find this little girl? Well, you know we had a great casting team brought us everybody, and I was telling you before the break that I mean before we were on that um.

We didn't put any descriptions of our characters.

You know we just said mother daughter, just that kind of thing and a personality, and we were able to see so many people and then we, you know the minute carson was on screen.

My mom was there absolutely named carson carson rose and mom, and I were watching on zoom when I was doing all the auditions on zoom at that time.

During the pandemic and carson came on the screen and my mom and I looked at each other just when she was just talking, because I always talk to the kids instead of have them just read the script and yeah.

She was delightful and charismatic and authentic and she could feel the heart of the character, and that was most important to me and she's phenomenal bonnie.

Sorry, but I got to go through your imdb, because I've got so many you and every guy on the planet.

So many good ones dave jerry maguire.

You had your own tv show.

You had your own daytime talk.

Show we were thinking.

Is there? When are you going to finally succeed? Give me a break.

Is it what ties it all together for you, uh, storytelling and and the how magical uh storytelling is when I, you know, I'm an oncology, nurse former oncology nurse, but I still work as a volunteer advocate and my time at the hospital.

I would see people facing their own mortalities and in a moment we would watch something on tv together and I'd see them completely free for a second and I realized, even as a child, my dad would watch the andy griffith show all of a sudden the pressure of having seven children and being a blue collar guy he'd be laughing and escape for a moment.

So that's really powerful and I hope my writing whether it was returned to me, which I wrote or all my talk shows or tv shows whatever it is, my energy is oh.

Can I have that effect on somebody at home right now? Thank you so much everybody amber brown debuts on apple tv plus this friday.

You got to go check it out.

It's cute, hi, ashley, again, hey thanks for watching our youtube channel, find your favorite recipes, celebrity interviews, uplifting stories shop, our favorite deals and so much more with the today app download it.

Now you.


When did Bonnie Hunt lose her mom? ›

Alice Hunt passed away peacefully at her home surrounded by her family on Nov. 12th at the age of 95.

Where was Amber Brown filmed? ›

Michael Yo and Ashley Williams were also revealed as part of the cast, by the cast member Darin Brooks. Filming for the series took place in Salt Lake City beginning in September 2021. On April 11, 2023, Apple canceled the series after one season.

What is Bonnie Hunt doing now? ›

Now Hunt is the writer, director and showrunner of Amber Brown, streaming on Apple TV+.

Does Bonnie Hunt have children? ›

I don't have any children of my own,” Hunt says.

Who was Bonnie Hunt's mother? ›

Bonnie Lynn Hunt was born on September 22, 1961, in Chicago, to Robert Edward Hunt, an electrician, and Alice E. Hunt (née Jatczak), a homemaker.

What happened to Bonnie when she was little? ›

Bonnie and her older sister Julie were sexually abused all throughout their childhoods by their father Robert, and both of their parents conspired to essentially sex traffic their own daughters for money.

Who is Bonnie Hunt married to now? ›

Why was life with Bonnie cancelled? ›

The series was created by Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake and produced by Bob & Alice Productions, in association with Touchstone Television The series had fair ratings in the first season, but struggled in the second season, resulting in its cancellation.

Does Bonnie Hunt still work as a nurse? ›

She eventually left nursing to pursue her studies in theater, which led to her successful career in acting.

Does Bonnie get pregnant? ›

After a mere 6 years of being pregnant with Susie, Bonnie finally gave birth to her in the episode "Ocean's Three and a Half".

Did Bonnie get married? ›

Bonnie and Clyde were never married to each other. Bonnie was married when she was not quite 16 years old to a petty criminal named Ray Thornton. He was arrested and was in prison at the time of Bonnie's death. They were never divorced, and Bonnie was wearing her wedding ring when she was killed.

Is Bonnie Hunt Catholic? ›

She's one of seven kids from an Irish Catholic family in Chicago and hasn't missed a home opener at Wrigley Field since 1977.

Who is Amber Brown best friend? ›

Amber Brown and Justin Daniels are best friends. They've known each other for practically forever, sit next to each other in class, help each other with homework, and always stick up for each other.

How old is Amber Brown? ›

Parents need to know that Amber Brown is a coming-of-age series produced by Bonnie Hunt (Cheaper by the Dozen). Inspired by Paula Danziger's popular same-named book series, the show follows 11-year-old Amber (Carsyn Rose) as she navigates some of life's most difficult challenges.

Is Amber Brown based on a true story? ›

The series was originally inspired by Danziger's real-life niece, Carrie Danziger, shortly after both of her best friends moved away in the same summer. While Amber was a creative conglomeration of Paula Danziger's design, aspects of Carrie's life were used throughout the series.

Are Bonnie and Helen related? ›

Is unrelated to actress Helen Hunt. However, they have both played Tom Hanks' love interest: Bonnie Hunt in "The Green Mile" (1999) and Helen Hunt in "Cast Away" (2000). Belonged to the same Second City Chicago comedy troupe with Mike Myers.

Does Linda Hunt have a brother? ›

She has one sibling, an older sister named Marcia (born 1940). Hunt attended the Interlochen Arts Academy and graduated from the Goodman School of Drama at the Art Institute of Chicago (now at DePaul University).

Who is Bonnie Hunt's niece? ›

Bonnie Hunt on Instagram: “On Christmas Eve, my beautiful niece, Ashley, was diagnosed with cancer... She has so bravely endured chemo, and is undergoing major…”

How old is Bonnie when she dies? ›

Bonnie and Clyde
Known forBarrow Gang, bank robberies
Bonnie Elizabeth Parker
BornOctober 1, 1910 Rowena, Texas, U.S.
DiedMay 23, 1934 (aged 23) Bienville Parish, Louisiana, U.S.
10 more rows

What happened to Bonnie's son? ›

Around the end of 1994, Julie's sister, Bonnie, gave birth to her son who was conceived out of rape. Bonnie passed out during the birth and when she awoke, her father, their father, told Bonnie that her baby had died. In reality, the baby survived and Bob and Julie took the baby to St. Lincoln Hospital.

Who is the kid inside Bonnie? ›

Games. Bonnie the Bunny (Five Nights at Freddy's): The original incarnation of Bonnie who appeared in the first Five Nights at Freddy's game. He is a blue rabbit animatronic who is possessed by the ghost of a murdered child named Jeremy, who is also one of the Missing Children.

What age is Bonnie Hunt? ›

Who is Helen Hunt's mother? ›

Her mother, Jane Elizabeth (née Novis), worked as a photographer, and her father, Gordon Hunt, was a film, voice and stage director and acting coach.

How tall is Bonnie Hunt? ›

Why was Bonnie disabled? ›

Bonnie walked with a limp after a car accident.

As a result of the third-degree burns, Bonnie, like Clyde, walked with a pronounced limp for the rest of her life, and she had such difficulty walking that at times she hopped or needed Clyde to carry her.

Why was Bonnie destroyed? ›

Some speculate that Vanny destroyed Glamrock Bonnie in order to use his pieces for remnant to be used to be revive William Afton as Burntrap. Others speculate that it was Monty who demolished him to take his spot as the bass player.

Is Bonnie gone forever? ›

Like other main characters, Bonnie died several times but managed to come back to life. In season 2, she pretended to be dead to fool Klaus, and then actually died in season 4 while trying to bring Jeremy back from the dead. She stayed a ghost for a while before becoming an Anchor to the Other Side.

Who is the real good nurse guy? ›

The new Netflix film, The Good Nurse, is based on the 2013 true-crime book The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder by Charles Graeber, which follows the crimes of Charles Cullen, a real-life serial killer who is believed to have killed nearly 400 people during his 16-year stint as a nurse.

Is Kim Zolciak really a registered nurse? ›

As one of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kim Zolciak-Biermann is best known for her wigs, her catfights and her marriage to former Atlanta Falcons linebacker Kroy Biermann. But before she moved to Johns Creek, she earned a nursing degree from the University of Connecticut and worked as a licensed practical nurse.

How old was Bonnie Hunt in Beethoven? ›

Charles Grodin (Mr. George Newton) was 56 at the time of filming, Bonnie Hunt (Mrs. Alice Newton) was only 29.

Does Bonnie have her baby? ›

Peter plays Two and a Half Men near Bonnie, hoping that the baby will come out to change the channel. When Bonnie finally gives birth to her baby, a girl named Susie, Joe is unable to pay the $20,000 he needs for her medical bills. He turns to a loan shark for the money, but ends up in debt to him.

Who did Bonnie end up with? ›

The Vampire Diaries was a popular series that aired on the CW. It made changes from the books, such as Bonnie and Damon not dating. Bonnie instead ends up in a romantic relationship with Enzo toward the end of the show.

How long was Bonnie pregnant for? ›

After being pregnant for 10 years, Bonnie Swanson finally gives birth to baby Susie in this episode. When "Family Guy" came back on the air, she had been pregnant for six years at the time, as Peter mentioned in "Blind Ambition."

Who did Bonnie really love? ›

Enzo moves Bonnie up in a cabin, and over the years the two began to grow close. Two years later, after their romantic feelings had build up, the two started a romantic relationship and fell in love.

Who does Bonnie marry on Mom? ›

Bonnie Plunkett is the mother of Christy Plunkett, grandmother of Violet and Roscoe Plunkett, wife of Adam Janikowski and one of the main characters on Mom.

Does Bonnie find her Mom? ›

In The Ties That Bind, Bonnie, with the help of Elena and Damon, managed to find and track her mother down, and the two girls traveled to Abby's house in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What ethnicity is Bonnie? ›

GenderPrimarily female
MeaningPretty, Attractive, Beautiful, Good
Other names
3 more rows

Is Dr Kevin Hunt related to Bonnie Hunt? ›

Kevin Hunt, (recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr.

Where did Bonnie Hunt grow up? ›

However, during her June 6, 2006, appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, she mentioned that she was single again. Hunt's hometown is Chicago and she is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, having not missed an Opening Day at Wrigley Field since 1977.

How old was Beethoven when he died the dog? ›

Is the “Beethoven” dog still alive? Chris, the Saint Bernard who played the original Beethoven, is no longer alive. He played Beethoven for the first two films of the franchise, but sadly passed away at age 12.

At what age did Beethoven become deaf? ›

Beethoven began to lose his hearing at age 28. By age 44, his hearing loss was complete, most likely caused by compression of the eighth cranial nerve associated with Paget's disease of bone.

How long was Beethoven deaf? ›

Beethoven first noticed difficulties with his hearing decades earlier, sometime in 1798, when he was about 28. By the time he was 44 or 45, he was totally deaf and unable to converse unless he passed written notes back and forth to his colleagues, visitors and friends. He died in 1827 at the age of 56.

Who is Helen's half sister? ›

Agamemnon married Clytemnestra, Helen's half-sister, and returned to his kingdom of Argos. Odysseus, another suitor, married Helen's cousin Penelope. When Paris arrived in Sparta, he was a guest in Menelaus' household before taking Helen back to Troy with him.

Does Helen have a son? ›

Helen and Paris had three sons, Bunomus, Aganus ("gentle"), Idaeus and a daughter also called Helen.

What is Bonnie's grandma real name? ›

In that program, Guy played Sheila "Grams" Bennett, the grandmother of Bonnie (Katerina Graham), who proved to be a descendant of Salem Witches. Both shows were filmed in the Atlanta area. In late 2017, she appeared in the Lifetime Christmas movie Secret Santa.

Did Bonnie have a baby? ›

Around the end of 1994, Julie's sister, Bonnie, gave birth to her son who was conceived out of rape. Bonnie passed out during the birth and when she awoke, her father, their father, told Bonnie that her baby had died. In reality, the baby survived and Bob and Julie took the baby to St. Lincoln Hospital.

How long was Bonnie Hunt a nurse? ›

Bonnie Hunt

She worked for five years as an oncology nurse while moonlighting with the Second City improve troupe. She eventually moved to California, starring in several TV shows and films including “Cheaper By The Dozen.”

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