Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Spoilers June 19-23rd: Liam's Totally Crushed! #boldandbeautiful (2023)


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers the week of June 19-23, 2023 see tensions escalate in the heart of Rome as the characters navigate their relationships and ambitions.

Major players such as Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) find themselves entwined in a complex web of feelings and intentions.

Hope and Thomas seem to inch closer, stirring feelings that she tries to suppress. The unspoken tension between the two is evident, even as Liam's frustration continues to mount.

An unexpected argument with Hope before a flight to Rome leaves Liam distressed, amplifying the drama. The extravagant Rome shoot marks a turning point in the soap opera landscape.

Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) embrace the breathtaking beauty of the ancient city, while Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) fixates on following them and spying.

This budding crush Hope has on Thomas is one that worries Steffy. But Liam won't listen. He stalks them to Rome, intent on surprising Hope. But instead, Liam's startled by what he sees going on with his wife and her designer.

As the week progresses, the Forrester crew's experience at the Coliseum may herald a turning point in Ridge and Brooke's relationship. By Friday, Liam's world seems to crumble on the CBS soap opera.

By the end of the week, Ridge races to reach Brooke, adding suspense on B&B.This week on Bold and Beautiful promises an unforgettable spectacle, as the Forrester family brings their glamour to Rome.

Fans should brace themselves for a week filled with dramatic turns, enthralling narrative arcs, and heart-stopping surprises.

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You're listening to soap dirt, the latest in television, entertainment, news, hey there Bold and the Beautiful fans, it is soap dirt on YouTube and we have got your Bold and Beautiful weekly spoilers for Monday June 19th, all the way through Friday June 23rd.

This is the big Rome Italy shoot, there's a lot of stuff happening.

We've got Thomas and hope getting closer hopes.

Having those fantasies, we've got Liam frustrated.

There is a whole lot going on and we excited to dig into it right now with you.

If you haven't already please reach down click that subscribe button, so you don't miss any of our daily Bold and Beautiful updates spoilers casting news everything you want to know about your favorite CBS soap, opera, all right! So on Monday, June 19th! It is season 36 episode, 180, and we are firmly in Rome at this point.

You'll know.

At the end of the prior week we had the team jetting over there and getting off the private plane.

We had hope coming in late upset because of a tearful last minute argument with Liam, where he again pressed her to leave her the designer behind.

Knowing that that would send her off frustrated and angry at him and then once she was on the plane, Steffy kept kind of picking at that scab that she knows is hopes feelings for Thomas.

That she's trying to keep under control and Thomas seems largely clueless about all this all right.

Once they touch down on Monday, we are going to see Rich, Forster and Brooke Logan, enjoying the amazing beauty that is Rome Italy.

They are not giving us a ton of firm spoilers for this week.

I feel like they want to surprise us because they spent all this money on this lavish realm remote shoot.

Not a lot of soaps do remotes anymore.

So this is a really big deal and they are trying to keep it under wraps, but we do have some good stuff for you.

Okay, Tuesday, June 20th is season, 36 episode, 181 of Bold and the Beautiful, and we see this interesting spoiler, which I think ties back to a phrase that we're some people love.

Some people are tired of Destiny.

The spoiler is that Ridge his past uncertainty is proven not to be a concern.

So Taylor said some things to Brooke about that.

Ridge doesn't believe in destiny anymore.

This Destiny thing is just a bunch of hogwash and definitely it's Brooke.

That's been pushing this Destiny thing, she's the one who honestly wears that word out and some fans love it and they believe that Destiny is real and other fans are super tired of hearing the word destiny, but I think we're going to hear a lot more of it in Rome, because Brooke is working her way closer to ridge's heart and they are definitely going to come back reunited from all the photos that I've seen from behind the scenes.

All right, I suspect there are huge things happening on Wednesday June 23rd, which is season 36 episode, 182 of Bold and the Beautiful.

Why? Because there are no spoilers offered for this day.

But one thing I do know is that on June 20th the day before Liam is on the Spencer private jet, because we've got some casting news about the woman who plays the Spencer pilot, so by Wednesday June 21st Liam should be in Rome.

He should have feet on the ground and he is preparing to make this Grand gesture to Hope.

However, I think when he's creeping around trying to surprise her that he might get a surprise, he doesn't like at all there's one very interesting, a couple of very interesting actually behind the scenes photos and one of them is Thomas and hope together, looking Smiley and romantic, while they're out enjoying the sights.

Someone is spying on them and you see that that someone is Steffy Forster.

However, then, in another shot of Steffy in the same outfit, there's someone standing very near her and that someone is Liam Spencer, so I do wonder if Liam creeps up on Steffy, while she's spying on them or if they're spying on them together I mean Liam, seems to want to catch Thomas red-handed, where Steffy seems to want to prevent anything from happening.

That would get her brother caught red-handed because she doesn't want him in trouble so because they haven't given us any spoilers for Wednesday June, 21st I, wonder if that's the day, something actually happens between hope and Thomas, as we have been teased about for quite a while Thursday June 22nd is season, 36 episode, 183 of Bold and the Beautiful, and that day we are going to see the Forester crew at the Coliseum, and this says that the Coliseum is where there's a turning point for a couple.

I suspect that that couple is Brooke and Ridge and they may redeclare their love.

I, don't think that's going to be a moment where Thomas and hope are saying anything because she's still trying to keep her feelings tamped down, and he is still completely unaware that she has these hots for him and she's fantasizing about writing him into Oblivion.

So I.

Don't think that that spoiler is about them.

Another cool tidbit is that the cast got to do this special exclusive, never done private tour of the underground tunnels that run under the Coliseum, and they talked about how wonderful it was to get to do that once in a lifetime trip all right.

As the week closes down, it is Friday June 23rd on Bold and the Beautiful season, 36 episode 184 and we have ridge racing to reach Brooke and there seems to be some time limit.

I, don't know if she said meet be by Sunset.

If you want to be with me or if there's some kind of there's some sort of time limit, that is set up and I feel like based on some other behind the scenes, photos and clips that we've seen this is when Ridge is peeking through, it's called the Aventine Keyhole, and it is this iconic Green Door in Rome, and you can only peek through the keyhole and when you peek through it.

You get these amazing views of The Gardens of what used to be this Monastery of ah gosh, the Knights Templar I think yeah some really old order and he gets a glimpse of where Brooke is through that Keyhole and then he takes off running so I have to imagine that he will get to her on time and then also on Friday.

And this is huge and you may want to buckle up if you are a big, Liam and hope fan, because the Friday spoiler says Leah Liam's World crashes down around him, and that must mean that he sees hope with Thomas, but I suspect he has to see hope with Thomas and he has to see hope initiating.

What happens because he already suspects that Thomas is the bad guy, so if he sees Thomas kissing, hope, he'll think, oh, you know he's preying on my wife again, but if it's hope initiating the kiss, then that is very different.

So then we've got some three just sort of generic spoilers they have given us for the week.

One is Liam is ready to make a grand gesture to his wife.

I, don't think the grand gesture is going to matter if he doesn't do something about his attitude about her work, because, as far as he is concerned, she should lose her fashion line.

If that means she cannot work with Thomas like he does not care he, he wants to be able to control who she works with and unless he backs off that attitude and learns to stop saying the name, Thomas I, don't think any Grand gesture is going to matter.

Of course he doesn't know that hope has got lost in her heart right now, so the other spoiler is Liam, finds a way to get to Hope and I.

Believe, that's just about him hopping on the Spencer private jet and then just this very weird, vague, spoiler Forester brings signature glamor to the streets of Rome and they are going to be shooting by The Fountain and these beautiful gowns there's all these things.

If you've never been to Rome.

These are sites, you'll have seen in movies and travel shows and everything, and it's very exciting, hey if you haven't already reach down click that subscribe button, so you don't miss any of our Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and casting news and if you were wondering, are hope and Thomas going to cross the line in Rome.

It certainly looks like it and it looks like it might be: Friday June, 23rd, now I, don't think they're going to hit the sheets or anything but maybe hope, reaches out and kisses Thomas, which, if Liam is spying as I, suspect.

Liam is going to see this Steph.

You might see this and it's going to shock Thomas as much as it would shock.

Liam I believe.

So let us know, are you team, Thomas and hope our team, Liam and hope? Let us know in the comments for being a loyal listener, follow us wherever you get your podcast, because you don't want to miss the next episode.


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The Bold and the Beautiful (Official Site) Watch on CBS.

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More Stories By Lynette. EXCLUSIVE: The Bold and the Beautiful is bringing back Ridge “RJ” Forrester Jr. Joshua Hoffman (Shameless) will take over as the son of Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) on the CBS daytime sudser.

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Depending on the location, Australia is 12 to 14 hours ahead of eastern time USA.

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Going: Rena Sofer

After nine years of stirring the pot as Quinn, the Emmy winner announced in August of 2022 that she was exiting stage left. “I know it's heartbreaking for some, and it is for me as well,” she Instagrammed, “but it's time for me to move on.”

Is RJ really Ridge's son? ›

R.J. is the only child of Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester. He has 4 half siblings from his mother's side: Rick Forrester, Bridget Forrester, Hope Logan and Jack Marone who is both his brother and cousin.

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In March 1996, following Taylor's decreased airtime and rumors circulating of her exit, it was confirmed that the actress was to leave The Bold and the Beautiful after her contract expired that June, to pursue a primetime role on the Fox television drama Melrose Place. Taylor's final appearance was in May 1996.

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Who is Brooke Logan married to in real life? ›

Katherine Kelly Lang
Years active1979–present
Known forThe Bold and the Beautiful as Brooke Logan
SpousesSkott Snider ​ ​ ( m. 1989; div. 1995)​ Alex D'Andrea ​ ​ ( m. 1997; div. 2014)​
5 more rows

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Joshua Hoffman chatted about being cast in the hit CBS daytime drama “The Bold and The Beautiful” as the new R.J. Forrester.

Who will be leaving The Bold and the Beautiful? ›

Going: Rena Sofer

After nine years of stirring the pot as Quinn, the Emmy winner announced in August of 2022 that she was exiting stage left.

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And what really happened in those final moments before the screen faded to black? Now, the truth can be told: According to Soap Opera Digest, Sheila had a heart attack and lands in the hospital where her son, Finn, must make a life-or-death decision.

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Hollis W. Chambers is once again back to Bold and Beautiful as Paul (Hollis) the bartender at Il Giardino. Chambers will be seen on June 5.

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Today (Wednesday June 21 2023), CBS broadcasts an episode of “The Bold and the Beautiful“. We've got the scoop on everything you need to know about the upcoming episode, including if it's new, the time, cast, how to watch and all the episode details!

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In the Wednesday, March 29, 2023, full episode recap of CBS' Bold and the Beautiful, Bill and Ridge freak out that Sheila survived the fall, and Hope assures Deacon that things will be fine with Thomas.

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Deacon tells Sheila he's sorry. She wonders if any of this was real. Ridge and Bill tell him he did good work delaying her. Chief Baker happily places her under arrest for murder.

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— leaked footage has revealed that Brooke and Ridge, aka “Bridge”, are getting back together during the Italian remote — or at least they were spied sharing a kiss.

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