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Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express (2001) / full movie

"Murder on the Orient Express" is a 2001 made-for-television mystery film directed by Carl Schenkel based on the 1934 novel "Murder on the Orient Express" by Agatha Christie, featuring Hercule Poirot.

This version is set in the present day and has a smaller cast than the novel. The screenplay was written by Stephen Harrigan and the original music score was composed by Christopher Franke.

Hercule Poirot is travelling on the Orient Express. While on the journey, Poirot meets a very close friend Bouc, who works for the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits. The train is stopped when a landslide blocks the line on the second night out from Istanbul, and American millionaire Samuel Edward Ratchett is found stabbed to death the next morning.
Since no footprints are visible around the train and the doors to the other cars were locked, it seems that the murderer must still be among the passengers in Ratchett's car. Poirot and Bouc work together to solve the case.

Starring: Alfred Molina, Meredith Baxter, Leslie Caron, Peter Strauss


Okay, oh my God, foreign foreign belly dancer receives effects, live not on evil.

Madame, it says, live not on evil.

The next day, she's found on the floor, this very nightclub a bullet through her heart.

I would possess the motive for such a cruel Act.

This is Protege now her rival, it's possible, of course, the victim's father, whose political fortunes would be destroyed if his daughter made good on her threads to reveal his past equally possible.

But there is something about the message in this facts which vexes the mind of a coupon live not on evil.

Madam live not on evil, so interesting I'll tell you, it is spelled the same backwards as forwards.

We have here my friends what is known as a palindrome now, who would know of such a thing this palindrome, who would Delight in such a thing, none other than the murdered woman spoon lover, none other than the man she threatened to expose to the police.

As the Arms Dealer, he is none other than the world-renowned linguistic scholar, Dr torgut baser foreign.

It's a long way from London to Istanbul.

If you insist on filling your nightclub with persons such as this, you can't expect me to fly down to solve every crime that takes place.

No, of course, not not all of them, the interest ones.

Will you come to hear me sing tonight, of course, and afterwards we will be together? Should we marry our cool Mary? Why not? We've always been fascinating to each other.

The world famous detective and they're never quite reformed jewel thief.

I think how much fun you'll have trying to catch me, you're serious.

Of course I am, and you'll love Istanbul.

The palace is the mosque.

The Exquisite you propose, I moved to istan.

My business is your business.

This is not a business.

It's a debt of themes.

You can help me to clean up that you're, asking Airfield plural, to be your your security guard.

That would be a fatal error in judgment.

My dear you're arrogant, I only met American Press said I was the greatest crime you're right.

It would be a disaster for such a rare being as yourself to leave such a common life, I'm sorry to suggest foreign for all Wolfgang book.

What I mean you were in Istanbul and didn't tell your old friend to shame on you.

You must have come on a case, you've solved it no doubt, of course, and tomorrow I must fly back to London fly.

What are you talking about? You happen to be talking to the director of the Orient Express I'm going to learn tomorrow myself, so you can travel with me by train.

That's a very kind offer.

It's not an offer.

It's a demand.

I must confess I'm not fond of air travel.

These days.

Still air, while full I'd much prefer a civilized trip on the world's most luxurious, it's barbaric to travel any other way.

It's called for you yeah what you're about to be a very dead man ratchet? What just just who is this you threatening me? It's him again.

I don't want any more calls.

You understand me, no more better know his type Rich obnoxious belligerent.

Oh glad, you made it.

Oh, this is truly a splendid trainer we aren't expressed, as you know, was created by my fellow building, of course, monsieur foreign.

This is the age I belong to my friend, a vanished age of Elegance and refinement.

No one in a hurry, I'll secure your first class compartment.

It was reserved in the name of Mr Harris, but he canceled at the last moment.

Here's a compartment with you see all the comforts it's excellent.

Thank you.

It was a disgrace more than a disgrace of tragedy.

We Orient Express the most magnificent train in the world had ever seen completely forgot.

It's cars lying in scrap hips all over Europe rotting and rusting like old, washing machines, but now we are in Express is resurrect young men.

I cannot eat this salad, they are pine nuts on it.

I am allergic to nuts are very kind.

Please take that away.

It's the Widow of inaralism Alvarado, South American dictator.

Oh forgive me my mind - was temporarily elsewhere: it's a woman, isn't it not? Regrettably, yes, we are such opposites there and I she's flamboyant and beautiful.

I'M reserved and homely she's a thief.

I'M a detective! The only thing we have in common is our refusal to let the other rule our life, but I can't stop her ruling my thoughts.

I must confess I never expected to see the greater coupon rule suffering such a common melodious love.

Thank you, my pleasure, Madam sitting.

Together who the young woman and the American Road Warrior back there, I overheard them talking in the market.

They seem very intimate.

The mind of Peru never rests, but my friend there is no crime.

Oh, never think that.

But for the moment the mind of working turns to dinner done.

Excuse me, I must attend to this crisis.

Please should I call the doctor, I'm so sorry doctor.

He has no idea, it's quite an adventure.

Isn't it my daughter would hear things you just love it.

This phone never gets sick hello.

Can you hear me hello? I don't want stuff being said to me for no reason, foreign, sir thanks good night, Mr Perot Barrel, like the American presidential candidate.

Certainly not the name is Sam ratchet my device sit down.

Please I recognized you from that TV show what they call you uh, don't tell me.

Uh super detective sleuth Supreme, oh yeah, sleuth Supreme, and what do you do? Mr rajat? I do whatever pleases me.

Actually, I'm in Antiquities uh what sort of Antiquities ancient urns Fresco statutes or a connoisseur of classical art.

I really like the old stuff, though it holds its value and um making any more of it.

You know what I mean: listen Hercules.

I want to hire you.

Oh I'm afraid I have a very limited clientele all right.

I can understand that, like that myself, you got to be selective, there's a lot of money, a lot.

What would you want me to do for you? Somebody has threatened my life.

Who will do such a thing if I knew that I'd have taken care of it myself when I'm like you, I am not the Supreme, so what I want you to do is find a bad guys for me and I'll take it from there.

I'M afraid.

I cannot oblige you two hundred thousand free.

Thank you, Mr ratchet, but I have made up my mind.

That's a lot of money to turn down.

I've been very fortunate in my career, Mr ratchet as you have in yours.

I've managed to pay for my needs as well as my Caprices, and now I only take on cases that appeal to me and what's wrong with this one.

May I speak personally sure I find you intolerable goodbye, Papa's french fries.

I think he's Belgian what Barbara good evening good evening, it's a strange Dark Night.

Isn't it yeah yeah? It is like this yes March birthday come in come here, join us.

My new friend Bob and I are having a pension reduction Workshop, really see thanks.

You, Americans, never give yourself credit for all the things you have that are new.

Now, if you would only excuse me that I'm in the next two compartment and your conversation is going to make it difficult for me to sleep, sorry about that, please come in.

Have a drink join us very! You will look rubbishing in this, but then you look ravishing in anything.

Oh really sure foreign hang out.

I don't want a free lecture from a train conductor in the nature of Consciousness.

I know what I'm dreaming and when I'm not, I saw someone, so you got ta do something about it very good, Madam, as such a twin immediately foreign, yes um, the trainer stopped, there is no station here.

Regrettably, a rock slide has obstructed attacks for sure it is a hazard of this country, I'm sure we'll be on the way as soon as possible.

Excuse me: have you seen anyone suspicious tonight? No, why the American woman, which is about she insists there was a man hiding in her compartment, a man what they look like.

I do not know she did not get a good look.

It was dark as soon as she spotted him flew out the door myself.

I think she was dreaming.

I think she likes the idea of a man hiding in her compartment hello.

My name is Mr ratchet morning, Mr ratchet, are they gon na stop serving breakfast in another half hour? We're Stranded the middle of nowhere because of a landslide.

Oh yes, come sit here.

I am expected in Milan on Tuesday and I can't even get a single on my phone plus.

There was a man in my room last night and nobody at least everybody calm down.

We have the personal opportunity assuredly and you are Mary debenham, Miss durbanon.

I am never in a hurry and when the world slows down to my place, I find it very agreeable where's your book.

What is it here, you'd better come at once.

Will you Excuse Me? Miss debenham, I have a fatal curiosity.

Thank you.

What happened? Look something disagreeable, yes very disagreeable.

Indeed, keep the passengers occupying the dining car.

Don't allow anyone near this compartment, very good machine.

I don't know the window is open.

It's unusual! No doubt that's how the killer made his Escape who's.

That appears to be a stylus.

It's used for entering data into handheld computers.

This man has been stabbed many times.

Who would do such a thing? I don't know.

Well, you have to find out.

No! No.

I have no Authority here book now, we must get to Belgrade and the police will be delighted to discover that the crime has already been solved.

Besides the longer we wait, the farther the killer will have gotten either the killer has gone far.

You think he's still on the train, but the window there's loose soil outside the window.

A fleeing man would have left Footprints, but there are none.

Now this window has been left open.

Military confuse us.

I urge you to help me out of this.

For the sake of the passengers very well, I accept the case.

Five, six, seven, eight, nine wounds in all curious.

Some are so slightest to be made scratches, but on the other hand at least three could be capable of causing death.

It's as if they were killed by two people, one strong one, feeble a woman wasn't worth.

Then we shouldn't assume that the feeble blows were inflicted by a woman.

A strong woman in a in a grip of emotion makes an excellent assailant.

Well, we can't complain that there are no clues.

In this case he seems unusually peaceful for a man.

Who's met such violence.

Don't you think a man of Mr ratchet's ferocious nature with a fourth bag.

We would have seen it in the contortions of his body.

He was his pistol fully loaded, but he never fired it odd.

Perhaps he was direct.

You may be right.

How else to explain this unnatural ripples? It seems only his watch put up a fight.


The hands are stopped at a quarter past one the moment of the crime.

Another very interesting clue.


I would like to retrieve something from the trash of a videotape.

Of course, yes, it must be a shock.

You are under no obligation to answer any of my questions.

Perhaps it doesn't matter to you who killed Mr ratchet.

No, no I'd be interested in your family guards, but finally, did he have enemies why you seem to them.

You'Re, getting these threatening phone calls threatening in what way well, as in you're gon na die ratchet or your time's up ratchet with stuff like that, it was a man's voice.

They all came to the hotel in Istanbul in the last week, or so in fact, the last one came just the other night yesterday I saw Mr wretched smash up a videotape.

What was on it? I don't know someone left it for him at the door of his room.

I guess he watched about five minutes of it and remember lipstick.

Remember listic a lot.

I'M sorry he's dead, but you know.

If I were to be honest, I'd have to say it was a total bastard looks like I just made myself a suspect right.

What did you do for Mr Russian uh? Well, I guess he hired me as a kind of consultant.

I got a degree in ancient Mesopotamian art from Yale that was good for his image.

You know ivy league assistant, smooth things over interpret for him.

Oh ratchet, wasn't the sort of guy.

I could be bothered to learn a single word, another language, so I thought it was a legitimate dealer first, but then I started putting two and two together and I realized that he was in the business of looting archaeological sites trying to get away from him.

But it's not easy getting away from a guy like ratchet.

Do you own a handheld computer with something me? I know no, that old-fashioned like that huh like pen and paper.

Oh just one more question: when was the last time you saw Mr ratchet alive, I guess it was around 10.

We had some work to do.

I'M gon na go get him his pill.

I spilled yeah a melatonin.

He was always flying from one time zone to another.

He thought it helped him from getting to that like so anyway, uh I got him his pill and it was the last I saw you think it's been about 20 minutes to one I knocked on his door, but he called out to say he had made a Mistake in French in French: where will you appear at the quarter past one uh quarter past one? I believe I was sitting in my little seat at the end of the corridor, but it was about this time that the train came to stop and I recall getting up from my station to go outside to see what the trouble was all right.

Other than that you were in the corridor all night, except for perhaps 45 minutes later, when Mr book called me to discuss what to tell the passengers about the stoppage.

This is true.

Did you see anyone in the corridor in the early hours of the morning? Well, there was a kind of a party going on in Michigan's room until quite late.

The young, English lady was there and the two American gentlemen.

It ended about 2 30, I think, and where did they go to their own compartments? I didn't see anyone else in the corridor after that.

Thank you, Pierre it'll, be all for now.

May I get you something? No! Thank you well, my friend, in our quest for the truth, we will test the limits of Technology, Steve Armstrong.

Little Daisy was a vivacious and enchanting child tragic death of more unbelievable.

You guys are just like the airline, never tell anybody.

What's going on, there was a murder here last night, everyone on board knows it, but do you guys admit it? No! It'S, like your lawyer, said you can't even make a passing reference to it.

Please calm yourself! Please don't speak between that condescending, French manner.

Well, I'm not French, Madam I'm Belgian.

My name is, I Know Who You Are and don't think just because you're a celebrity because you've been on television, don't think I'm intimidated by you, I'm a celebrity myself.

You know indeed Phil and Phyllis the sitcom I played Carlotta.

The aerobics instructor I wasn't in every show, but I was a recurring character.

Uh, Mrs Hubbard, may I ask you why you're traveling on the Orient Express? Well, I come to Turkey to do a mini-series, Samson and Delilah, but you know how these things go.

The director got kidney stones and then he was replaced by some hack who decides that the evil High Priestess should instead be the evil high priest.

I don't know who did they decide to play the new evil high priest, my producer's boyfriend? No less.

You know never mind that he's never set foot in front of a camera before so who gets off the plane to find an apartment's been cut anyway.

I thought I'd go home at Orient, Express, I thought at least travel like a movie star.

Well, this man in your compartment.

What does he look like? I don't know I mean I was so scared I just lay in my bed with my eyes, squeezed shut.

I could hear you moving around, though your compartment that joins that of Mr ratchets.

Do you think? That's where he came from.

Obviously I think he he killed him and then he escaped through the connecting door into my compartment door was unlocked.

I thought it was that was before I learned my lesson about the security on this train.

The conductor found no Intruder in your compartment when you called how do you suppose he got out, I'm not a world famous detective, Mr Peru.

I'll do that to you? Is that all? Oh? Yes, Madam okay, oh by the way I'll be expecting a refund for everything, I've gone through and I mean a whole refund.

You know not one of those five dollar vouchers that the airline gives you that'll, hardly get you a frozen yogurt with them.

You dropped your handkerchief, bye-bye handkerchief.

Well, it has a letter H, embroidered on it.

Your name is Hubbard and naturally assumed it's chefs anymore.

I have a piece of evidence for you.

I found this in my room.

I assure you it was not there when I went to sleep last night.

Do you think this is the button that could have left behind it's possible, but it's from the jacket of an orange Express conductor, foreign none of my buttons are missing.

Neither are the buttons of the other conductors, but you were the only one who was in Mrs Hubbard's compartment last night.

Are you accusing me of this crime? I am innocent, absolutely innocent.

Do not imagine that I killed this man.

Why would I kill a man I'd? Never even seen before, please miss you console yourself, Pierre! No one is accusing you now.

Please go back to the coach and ask Mr Albert not if you would be so kind just to meet me in the bar very good with you, Pierre's, a good man but nervous this job is all he has no family.

His wife died some years ago.

He had a daughter, but she is dead as well as suicide.

They say how unfortunate.

Why did I take the Orient Express it's the most famous train in the world? I can afford it.

So why shouldn't I you are in Istanbul, might ask why you may don't know why I should answer.

I mean, what's the controlling legal Authority here exactly well, there is none until we reach Belgrade or if the police miraculously appear out of nowhere.

I suppose we are in a state of cheerful Anarchy and so you've elected yourself Sheriff well, I still don't see any reason why I should cooperate I'll.

Give you two reasons the first tomorrow to make sure that Justice is served, the second recreational, so we don't get bored while we're stranded here, okay Sheriff, I was in istanbulan business.

What is your business, Mr Robert? Not? Well, I'm the founder and CEO of digisource.

Ah, did you saw us the software come? Didn't you just send up your own communication satellite yeah, it's been up for over a year, there's no place in the world.

I can't dial up front.

Do you use a handheld computer? Well sure I do I'm a gadget.

Guy, are you missing a stylus yeah? I am why the status was found in the murdered man's compartment last night.

Well, guess you got me, then the crime we have reason to believe took place at the quarter past one.

Where were you at that time? I was hanging out in frascarelli's compartment.

Mr McQueen was there, as was Miss Devin.

Excuse me.

Well, she seemed reserved cool.

Did you detect in your brief acquaintance with her any hidden reserves of passion, hidden reserves of passion? The dead man was stabbed a multitude of times.

Strength was required and ferocity.

I wonder if beneath Miss Debenhams contains wait.

A second wait, a second it's one thing to sit around speculating in your little parlor game when you start dragging innocent people into this.

How do you know she's innocent well, for one thing she has an alibi.

She was with me when you say the crime occurred and for another thing she wouldn't just kill someone in Cold Blood.

So why don't you just quit this little pseudo investigation of yours before you destroy somebody's life? One last question: no you've had your last question goodbye.

Oh he did it.

What makes you so sure my friend? Well, he has The Temper.

He has the required strength and he admits to losing his stylus.

Oh, don't forget, he also has an alibi, or at least he does if Miss debenham, Mr foscarelli and Mr McQueen confirmed that he was with them at the time of the murder our birth, not the name is familiar.

Who do you want to see? Next? There's the Italian, the young German.

Would you excuse me for a moment foreign? Didn't you hear what I just said: I'm not going to participate in your little interrogation fantasy.

Yes, you made yourself very clear.

So what do you want? I was wondering if I could borrow your laptop, why to use in my investigation.

We use your own, I'm afraid I don't possess one, and that's supposed to be my fault.

Oh knock yourself out.

Just do me a favor.

Okay, don't drop it! Thank you.

I thought you'd despise computers, I do.

They are a poor substitute for the little gray cells, but sometimes they are surprisingly useful.

Of course, how could I have forgotten roommates in college together where they created cheetah the famous operating system? They remained friends after that, even when their careers diverged our bath not funded the jewsaurus and Steve Armstrong created whizbang, a very well-known man, Steve Armstrong was a genius at designing and marketing software.

At one time, Westbank was so powerful.

It was considered a threat to Microsoft.

He and his wife were a brilliant couple: the billionaire software Tycoon and Sonia Armstrong, the most desirable socialite in New York.

She was the daughter of an actress and a realistic developer and her own daughter, little Daisy, even more beautiful and this beautiful child.

How did she die kidnapped and when the ransom was paid, she was murdered, but she was not the only victim at the time her mother was pregnant and she gave birth prematurely and the baby died.

So did she and her heartbroken husband shot himself the far-reaching tragedy, but there was someone else.

A nurse made a French nurse maid, the police were desperate to arrest someone and they believed she had knowledge of the crime.

No one listened to her hysterical denials a week before she was due to go on trial.

She managed to hang herself in her jail cell later on.

Of course, it was proof she was completely innocent.

Eventually the real criminal was caught, but, with his sudden new worth, he was able to hire the best defense lawyers in America.

They got him off on a technicality.

He led.

The country came to Europe and was never seen again.

His name was cassetti.

The American Press, nicknamed him the Rattler because of a tattoo on his chest, but what does this notorious crime have to do with our murder? I don't know, perhaps nothing come with me.

Let us examine Mr ratchet size.

Thank you.

Just as I suspected, there is scarring on both corneas, very symmetrical traces of laser surgery to correct near-sightedness, but this means cassetti had a tattoo of a snake on his chest.

Mr ratchet has no such tattoo, but he has a scar in the same place such as cars you might find when a tattoo has been surgically removed.

This is not Samuel ratchet.

This is the mother of cassette.

This, my friend, is the very face of evil.

Ratchet was cassetti, yes, but of course you knew that.

What are you talking about? Are you saying, Mr McQueen, that in all the time you work for Mr ratchet, you never once suspect? Oh, you never suspected anything of the sword.

I mean I knew he was a bad guy, but not that bad.

You followed the Armstrong case.

Of course I followed it.

Oh country followed, it was the biggest case since OJ can't believe this.

You feel strongly about this crime, who wouldn't because said he just won't.

Stop like that, some stupid technicality and he was a free man.

Meanwhile, poor son is left on you.

Oh you mean Mrs Armstrong.

Did you know her well, uh yeah? No, no! No, not well um! She was on the museum board when I was working there uh.

We were trying to raise some money for this Etruscan funerary exhibit she uh had some ideas of people's reproach.

Of course she ended up practically funding the whole thing herself.

She was great.

You know she was funny and beautiful and they're so proud of that little girl can't believe I ended up working for this guy who killed her.

Did you find out? Oh, the videotape was the first hint video tape.

You mean no.


I thought I understand you were among a group of people in Mr foscarelli's compartment last night, yeah uh yeah, that's right! Um.

We were up late drinking Scotch arguing about whether or not American culture had corrupted the world.

And what time did this Gathering come to an end, uh about 2 30.? Did you leave the compartment at any time before then yeah? Well, sometime in there, I got up to go to my own apartment, use the facilities about what time this is very important.

I don't know exactly um, I guess it was a little after one uh the train had already stopped.

Did you see anybody in the corridor at that time? I don't think so.

Did you see Pierre Michelle in his station at the end of the corridor? I'M not sure uh, but you don't come to think of it.

That was this other conductor.

Guy who passed me in the corridor um, it's kind of short balding, small bis, be the eyes.

Yeah look just for the record.

I didn't kill him.

Maybe I wish I had, though, who is this mysterious PDI conductor? He speaks of there's no one on the drain.

Who looks like that? I don't know, but we can safely assume he's missing a button on his jacket.

Mr foscarelli, this is no responsibility of yours.

Nevertheless, I'm delighted to help out you are very kind represent mystery.

I know Mr Paro, of course, the whole world knows.

I saw your interview on television.

No one might explain how you solved the killing of Roger brilliant.

Thank you.

I've always wanted to ask you well that first case of yours, how did you know Mississippi poisoning when the DNA and all the lab reports it is I who would like to ask you a few questions.

May you ask me a few questions.

Of course ask me a hundred questions, I'm honored to answer very well.

Did you see anyone in the corridor in the carriage late last night after midnight, specifically a short man wearing a conductor's uniform with a BDI? No, no.

I am sorry to disappoint such a famous detective, but I saw no one such as that I've known at all last night, I was in my chamber having a very stimulating argument with Miss Debbie.

What are you talking about American culture? She says it is.

How can you this the word justice? How can you this, a country that gave us Ron Popeye, run puppet pocket fish on me anyway, he's a giant of culture.

I knew Mr foskele, what is your profession, I'm in science that it's my product, the abliminator 15 minutes? A day for two months, new, Mr Paulo, could have his stomach like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Are you aware of the Armstrong family kidnapping case? Yes, of course, very tragic? I was in America at the time corporate sells it hit in Disney World when it happened.

Did you know any of the members of the family? I mean no, I'm not in such a league.

I watched on television like everybody else unfortunate people.

They were both in good shape, though they knew how to take care of themselves.

Thank you very much.

That's all you may ask me a lot of questions just asking it would be my own.

What is the trouble? Mrs Hubbard, oh you're, so horrible, but yeah.

Please fetch this poor woman, some cognac.

What is distressing? It's the sight of blood.

I've never been able to stand it.

I remember when I was a little girl and the doctor decided.

Where did you see blood foreign I'd reached in there to get my moisturizer, and I felt something strange and when I pulled it out, it was what about fingerprints? Well, there's nothing to be careful book.

I'M certainly only fingerprints we found here are those of Mrs have a size and shape of the blade makes me suspect that this could be responsible for the wounds on Mr ratchet, where was your toiletries bag? Mrs happen? In my closet, I'll tell you one thing: I will not stay in that room one more night, that door was locked, then locked doors don't seem to mean much on this train, so the killer could just slip the murder weapon into my Tony tree's bag.

With my moisturizer and then he could mysteriously disappear, and I'm left with an emotional wreck anymore.

You've been through a terrible shock.

Mrs Hammond, perhaps you should go back to your compartment and rest.

Perhaps I should time someone showed me some consideration for what I've gone through.

You'Re, a valiant woman, may I ask you one more favor.

Perhaps I would very much like to conduct a search of all the passengers luggage.

May we start with yours? Why am I to save you from any further unpleasant discoveries living we're doing everything we can? Mrs Howard, I hope so you have no idea how to satisfied a customer I can be.

I can be your worst nightmare senor.

I understand you wish to see me Senora Alvarado.

I am devastated to have to disturb you.

Please please don't apologize.

A crime has been committed and the criminal must be discovered and dealt with.

I learned from my husband one cannot let such movies linger.

Yes, I recall your husband was known for his Swift and Certain Justice.

He was not a dictator, you know, but he was a patriot who understood that the country such as ours needed a strong hand, and he was right ever since his assassination.

The place is in cows, with all those pathetic Rebel leaders calling each other El Tigres so-and-so and telling each other left and right.

I am sorry to hear of your country's misfortunes.

Thank you.

I am glad to see you are a man of sensitivity and refinement.

This is outrageous.

Please do something! Phillip, you won't find anything.

You know, I'm sure I wanted you.

It's fragile.

Don't worry, madam I'm, tired of this train.

Should we get something let's go well, perhaps we could start with um.

What is your current city of residence, Paris? During the season and New York and what was the reason for you being in Istanbul carpets, I am Furnishing a small house on the Amalfi Coast and I'm in desperate need of floor coverings.

You know anything about Turkish carpets in your parole.

I don't consider myself an authority Lifetime and not be an authority.

The patterns, the dies, the trends and are you traveling all the way home on the Orient Express only as far as Venice than I am to travel to Milan? For my good friend, Donatella Versace spring collection, but with this delays looks like I will miss it.

So many of my good friends will be there not just Donatella but Elton John as well, who is flying in from London? Yes to see me and you can eat the Russian ballet dancer.

Yes, so if Kenny is my very good friend, oh, we both know what it's like to live in that side.

Senora Alvarado.

Could you if you would be so kind give me a brief account of your movements last night from dinner onwards, I moved not a door.

I went straight to bed and stayed in my compartment.

Forgive my delicacy, but um is there anyone who can confirm this fact? You want to know if I have a alibi to convince you that I was not the Killer nope I I would never wait a minute.

There was somebody.

Now I remember wake up in the middle of the night.

My throat was dry.

I rang the bell in my room towards the conductor for a bottle of mineral water.

What time was this around 1 20.

and the conductor answered the bill? Yes, but he never brought me the water he just walked right by.

I had to drink ordinary water from the tap and what did this man look like? I recall him as a small and darker, indeed, are you investigating everyone's luggage or just mine, everyone's, even the luggage of the world's renowned crime? Solver you say that you sometimes live in New York.

Yes, did you ever make the acquaintance of a family named Armstrong, a family to whom amentos tragedy occurred? Why you ask me that, is there a reason why I should not senor you are speaking of very dear friends of mine.

You knew Steve Armstrong, Sonia God's daughter, Sonia's, mother, Linda Arden.

Oh, she was a gifted stage actress.

You must have heard of her.

Oh, she was a dear friend of mine.

This is Linda Adam.

Is she dead? No, but her health is very delicate.

She lives in complete retirement.

Sonia is the only daughter I believe there was another daughter, much younger.

Her name was something like that.

I believe she lived in England, for you have not answered my questions senor.

What do the poor Armstrongs have to do with anything that happened on this train? The senior the man who was murdered on the train last night was also responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Daisy Armstrong.

I can't believe it is it true.

Yes, it's true! Well, I'm glad somebody killed him, I'm only sorry for one thing.

What is that? One thing? Daddy was not me who did it foreign? What could be more evident? She knew the Armstrongs.

She was Sonia's godmother, she's, the Widow of a despot famous for killing his enemies.

She killed wretched, but she has the wrong initials, Nina Alvarado, n or a nor the H.

So he could have been she dropping the handkerchief.

No Shield dealt the killing blow she's an elderly lady.

She has more strength in her will than in her arm.

Philippine Helena Von Strauss, they seem to have some connection with monogast royalty, there's a grease spot at the beginning of her name.

What is the significance of a spot of Greece? Oh probably nothing! I just can't help observing such things come with me book S.

No, you may go through Mr paro's luggage because I won't allow you or anyone else to rummage through my personal belongings has all gone quite far enough.

Please we all must go about it.

Must we? Why, because requested - and he is in charge of the case - everyone start s good afternoon - I'm Mercury yeah! I know I'm glad to see your wife is feeling better.

Yeah she's, almost back to her also Ellen, is very young.

The horrible murder on the train last night.

Really affected her.

I don't want her to be further upset by your questions, but as for me, I'm happy to help you in any way possible very well.

What were you and your wife doing in Turkey? Sightseeing, of course, Ellen and I travel a great deal.

Adventure travel.

We live in Monaco which, as you know, is a very small country in which one can become easily barred next month, we're going rafting in Borneo and in Spring We Begin training for an Everest Expedition.

That's very impressive.

Have you by any chance ever heard of the Armstrong kidnapping case I've heard about it again, the man who was killed on the train last night was responsible for that very crime.


I would very much like to know the activities of you and your wife.

Last night activities there were none.

We went to bed early and slept through the night, but was it that upset your wife so much after dinner? Who knows women can be inexplicably afraid, let's draw enough, but one doesn't expect such Frailty from someone who is planning to climb to the top of Mount Everest perhaps was merely the excitement of travel, but you said she travels a great deal.

As I said, you really don't need to talk to her.

I've told you everything though it's merely a formality.

Please you are French.

I understand.

Yes, you speak English, but of course I just you heard of the terrible tragedy on the train.

Last night shocking you saw or heard nothing he was asleep in my compartment all night with my husband.

May I ask you: do you know anything of the Armstrong kidnapping case? He said I think it was a famous crime in America.

Now, I think, the whole the whole family was destroyed by it.

It was indeed foreign excuse me: what did you want in whose compartment did you find this pier in um in Michigan, mysterious conductor, whose jacket was missing a button whom Senora Alvarado and Mr McQueen saw? After he murdered Ratchet In Cold Blood, it was I someone is playing with my mind with my little gray cells.

He wanted to see me, Mr Potter.

Ah, yes, indeed, Miss Devin.

I've been looking forward to the pleasure of interviewing you all day.

Please sit down again with what brought you to Istanbul.

I work for a relief organization, that's concerned with the welfare of children in Baghdad.

The sanctions, as you may in Earth, made life difficult there.

I was traveling back to London on vacation.

The Orient Express is an expensive way for a young relief worker to travel.

You disapprove not at all.

I saved the money myself over the course of two hard years in Baghdad, it's luxury, of course, but I have a fear of flying such a shame that the experience was ruined by the crime last night.

No doubt you are in much distress.

Well, it's a rather best.

I congratulate you on your practical attitude to the emotional subject of murder.

I have feelings, Mr Para, pardon me if I do not find it necessary to demonstrate them for your convenience.

You are contemptuous of me at all.

Have you ever lived in the United States no visited there? I find it to be the course and shallow place, but now that you've heard of the Armstrong kidnapping affair, what did you think of that? It was abominable, of course, was it? Should I throw myself weeping onto the floor about it? I feel sorry for the Armstrongs, of course, but I didn't know them.

Gentle things happen every day.

One can't grieve for every single unfortunate occurrence in the world.

Did you see anyone in the corridor? Last night after midnight, I didn't call perhaps a small man with dark hair wearing a conductor's uniform.

No, are we there's something that you need to ask? Why don't you? Why don't you just ask, for instance, did I kill Mr ratchet? Did you kill Mr rajat? No, but you obviously think I did so perhaps I should contact my attorney at the first possible opportunity very well miss debenham.

We will no longer practice the mincing of words.

We will be direct.

How well do you know Mr Abbott not well at all? I think you are lying, I think you know, Mr, but not quite well.


What did you mean when you said to him in Istanbul? I don't want to talk about it now when it is all over put it all behind us.

Do you think I meant murder, did you have you noticed you have lost the handkerchief one with the letter H embroidered on it candles have escaped your powers of detection, Mr para, that neither Marion or debenham begin with an H.

Yes, but your middle name.

Hermione does tell me what were you and Mr abath not doing in Mr ratchet's compartment when he happened to drop his stylus? I knew who happened to drop your handkerchief.

It is not my handkerchief.

I ask you again.

What is that this to be all over? That needs to be put behind you.

What I have nothing more to say it doesn't matter Miss Devin.

I will find out the truth.

You were very angry with her anger.

No, I feel no anger book.

It is merely that to break through a hard surface, sometimes requires a strong blow.

So you believe that she's the murderer, then she and her brother conspired to murder wretched.

No, that's too easy.

Remember they both have Alibis for the night of the crime they were in.

The compartment with Mr foscarelli, but somewhere behind this business, I am convinced there is a cool and resourceful brain and Miss debenham answers to that description.

This vexing, extremely vexing everybody on the train has an alibi except for Senor Alvarado.

These treacherous blowers are obviously not the work of such a refined lady.

However, she is connected to ratchet's victims, as is Young, Mr McQueen, who slightly new Mrs Armstrong as well.

I find that to be a great coincidence and of course we have the mysterious conductor who left behind this button.

Excuse me a book.

Yes, the debris is almost cleared.

We should be underway in only a few minutes, more excellent yeah.

Well, that's a relief we've been Belgrade before morning.

Welcome to digiosaurus songs, talk yeah! I will speak to your wife.

Elena is asleep at the moment.

Perhaps you know I don't want to speak to Elena have on Strauss.

I want to speak to Helena.

I want to speak to her about her sister, the late Mrs Sonja Armstrong, it's okay, Philip vitamin, so you're right, Mr puero, I am Sonia's sister.

How did you guess mentioned that Mrs Armstrong had a younger sister named Helen or Helena? I noticed a grease spot covering the letter H of your name and your passport.

It wasn't until now that I recognized its significance.

Why did you alter the passport? Oh I never touched it.

She didn't do that.

I did we heard there was a handkerchief found in ratchet's room with an H on it.

Yes, I have it here, it's not mine, it's not! Oh! No, that's why I changed the passport, even though it's not Helen, as we thought, if you saw the age, you would jump to conclusions and decide she was the killer.

I've never jumped to a conclusion in my life evanstrasse.

Surely you can understand the way we felt? Mr puero, a man who died last night said he was a man who murdered my little niece, because the death of my sister, my brother-in-law, all the people who made up my home my family, would take away from me.

So, of course, you'd expect me of killing him.

You didn't! No, I did not.

I never touched him, try for it all right.

I believe you thank you.

One thing as part of the Armstrong family, who were the other members of the household, all the usual, a cooker Gardener, um Steve, had a personal trainer.

He was really into fitness.

Was there a tutor someone to supervise little Daisy? Well, very old? Well, at least, it seemed that way to me her name capacitor, Miss blessed though yes, thank you for your candor, Madame Von straws, sure any time hey guaro.

How dare you speak to Mary that way, accusing her of murder I'll tell you one thing quarro.

You may not have any Authority on this train, but you got a hell of a lot of nerves.

You control your emotions, it's no cause for violence.

Please yeah! There is no cause for this guy wandering around making wild accusations.

I will not put up with you ruining Mary's good name.

You got a crime on your hands, fine good for you either solve it or shut up about it, because I for one, I'm tidy a little game very well, miss you! I will solve this case.

Look be so kindness to ask all the passengers to gather in the Baka.

Excuse me Samuel ratchet a man whose death seemingly feels no one with remorse, but whose murder last night on the train inspires the greatest puzzlement who killed this disagreeable man.

I will propose to you a plausible solution to the crime.

We may presume that Samuel ratchet was a man of many dark secrets and of many enemies not long ago, as Mr McQueen attested one of these enemies makes threatening phone calls.

Who is this just you'd like to know you're threatening me later? He domes the jacket of a conductor and equips himself with the past key to the sleeping car.

Where does he acquire these objects? We do not know.

Perhaps it is not important.

Suffice it to say that such things are available to a criminal with sufficient cleverness and determination, and when the moment is right, he strikes ratchet wakes.

He attempts to fight off his end in the struggle his watch face is damaged and some of the blows strike in a shallow Manner and Ratchet soon lies dead, but now the murderer finds himself trapped.

What to do should he escape through the window? No, the train is moving much too faster, not wanting to risk being discovered in the murdered band's compartment.

He enters the compartment of Mrs Hubbard next door until he can find an opportunity to escape an opportunity that presents itself when the train stops suddenly and the Assassin hears the footsteps of Pierre, but in his haste he loses a button and wakes Mrs Hubbard urgently.

He makes his Escape, but not before encountering our eyewitness, Mr McQueen and Senora Alvarado.

Where did the S7 go? Did he leave the train? Did he stay on? These are questions we are at present unable to answer, but the sequence of events is plausible and in a crime such as this, there are always untidy.

Endings amazing, excellent work.

Mr puero listen online got so hot back.

There look.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that well we're just in awe of your abilities.

Incredible thanks a lot.

Thank you, Mr abatnut.

There is one other scenario, perhaps not as believable at first glance, perhaps too fanciful to be accepted.

Would you like to hear it well sure I guess good, please resume music.

This new scenario rests on the assumption that everything I have just said was a lie that this Phantom conductor never really existed at all that he was created solely to provide a reasonable solution to the crime, but what other solution makes as much sense? I will not tell you my friend, and you and the others will judge.

As I said, certain questions have yet to be answered, but I am struck by the fact that several passengers on this train seemingly had close relationships with the Armstrong family, not just Mr abathnot, who was Mr Armstrong's college friend and business partner, not just Mr McQueen, who Knew the late Mrs Armstrong and thought highly of her, not just Helena Von Strauss, who was the sister of the late, Mrs Armstrong, but also Senora Alvarado, who was her godmother Senora.

Perhaps now would be a convenient time for me to return to you, your handkerchief, but her name doesn't begin with an age.

Seemingly you are right, my friend, but Senora, Alvarado's, lovely first name is Nina if she were given this handkerchief by a devoted Russian friend say the famous dancer you have getting dragomirov.

He might, for sentimental reasons, render the end of her name in the Cyrillic alphabet, which, as we all know, is identical to our letter.

H is the handkerchief was, of course, a clue deliberately designed to cast suspicion on Senora Alvarado, the least likely of all the passengers to inflict a killing blow.

Likewise, the stylus of Mr R bath nuts handheld computer invited us to suspect a man whose Alibi was confirmed by three other passengers on the train.

Let us now turn to the threatening phone calls mentioned by Mr McQueen.

They suggest that someone indeed was stalking ratchet and Mr McQueen's testimony in this regard will prove very useful in persuading the police of the existence of this non-existent conductor.

But why would one give one's victim Advance warning of such an act? Why not bounce upon him as the lion pounces on the gazelle? On the other hand, there is another sort of threat that makes profound sense, a threat that alerts the victim as to why he will die that announces to him that justice will prevail.

I propose to you that the phone calls were simply a ruse, but at a videotape describing the abduction and the death of Daisy Armstrong was sent to Mr ratchet in deadly earnest.

When I first said, I had seen the contents of the tape to Mr McQueen.

His response was this unfinished sentence, but I thought that, may I finish the sentence for you, Mr McQueen, but I thought that it had been destroyed.

This videotape was meant for ratchet's Eyes Only always and it was to be discarded.

But in the event, Mr ratchet unexpectedly completed the task himself, breaking the tape into pieces and sending it to the trash.

But in the mind of Mr McQueen, this videotape had been safely disposed of foreign.

Why did you say you had never been to the United States because I never heard oh, but I think you have and for so long a duration has to have acquired an unconscious familiarity with American English.

Why else would you say I am on vacation? Instead of I am on holiday, why else use the word attorney instead of solicitor and why Miss Devin? Why are you so determined to hide the fact that you were little Daisy, Armstrong's tutor? That's a lie.

That's not the impression I received from madame vonstrasse.

No, I only said our tutor was an old red-haired woman, strikingly opposite from The Young dark-haired, Miss debenham and the name lassitra.

How interesting, lasita and devil a well-known American department store.

Your brain was searching for a name to stand in for debenham and naturally, lassita is what occurred to you.

So what Mr puero? What does any of this prove? Yes, you are right, Miss dominant in your coldly logical way.

None of these details prove anything by themselves.

They are small pieces of tile in a mosaic strands of thread in a beautiful Turkish rug.

Now I will reveal to you the design.

I recall my excellent friend book telling me I've secured your first class compartment.

It was reserved in the name of a Mr Harris, but he canceled.

So instead of getting an unsuspecting businessman, they got a world famous detective.

There's a compartment with you.

When I was given his compartment, the entire ingenious plan had to be rearranged.

For my benefit.

It's excellent and what was that plan just came out of town find you to be intolerable.

It fell too young, Mr McQueen, to make sure that the victim was suitably compliant.

I think he's Belgium, what Ferrara he's not from Francis from Belgium, how the hell they call themselves a country since much trouble had been undertaken to arrange an alibi for the conspirators at 1 15.

It was to the benefit of the plan for me to believe that Mr ratchet at 12, 10 was not dead but alive and conscious.

Unfortunately, Mr McQueen failed to remember in this instance that his employer spoke no languages other than English.

There were mistakes assuredly for they had to hatch their new plan quickly, but the conspirators had waited for this chance.

For a long time.

They had worked up their courage and hardened their hearts.

Armstrong's best friend the man he had grown up with and grown rich and Powerful.

The young man who had fallen under the spell, as so many had of Armstrong's beautiful and kind-hearted wife, Sonia Armstrong's sister, whose World ratchet had snatched away Sonia's godmother.

The believer in Swift and Certain Justice, Steve Armstrong's personal trainer, made his clients strong, but not strong enough to survive the cruel ordeal that ratcheting fit to the police family.

The young tutor, Who Loved young Daisy Armstrong with a maternal warmth that belied her cool English demeanor.

The indispensable man who cooperated gladly because the young French maid in the Armstrong household killed herself in the face of false accusations, was his daughter and finally, the consummate actress, Linda Arden, a woman so skilled.

She could almost mask her own shattered life.

The mother of Sonja Armstrong, but there was still housekeeping to do it - was convenient, as I have pointed out to make me believe that the crime took place at 1.


No doubt the original Plan called for the murder to be discovered after the train had arrived in Belgrade, where it could be assumed that the murderer had got off, but the sudden Interruption of our journey eliminated that option, and so an alternate Escape venue was hastily improvised.

Another of the fantasy clues that distinguishes this case.

It's unusual, even in my line of work to encounter so many murderers in one room.

Well, I suppose we'd better get our things together, we'll be in Belgrade.

Soon, Mr Poirot will be explaining these matters to the police.

Yes, you are right, Miss debenham, but I don't know which story to tell them the sequence of events I've laid before you seem to be so unlikely as to be unbelievable.

What do you think book, which would you believe that ratchet's death was the work of an international conspiracy of software designers, refined ladies and fitness instructors, or the work of a single mysterious assassin already been served? My friend, I think so true you're not going on to London.

I thought we'd fly home together.

We feel a change of steam is warranted.

Mr Paro, when I first met you, I thought you'd be an inconsequential man.

I'd like you to know that I've reversed out of paper well, there will be a hearing, of course, but the mysterious assassin Theory sounds reasonable to it.

Oh, it is eminently reasonable.

It suffers only from the defect that it is not factual foreign.

What are you doing here? I have always had a desire to ride the Orient, Express, beautiful and exotic.

The same is said about me as you well know, because I know that very well.

I thought it would be a fatal error in judgment to leave one's life without experiencing it.

As it happens, a compartment has just become available next to mine, though Tony foscarelli was recently named by Wall Street as the king of infomercials.

His latest product is a device that is said to reduce cellulite by the delivery of a mild electrical shock, but yeah Michelle is still happily employed by the Orient Express William McQueen is curator of Antiquities at the albathnot wing of the Seattle Museum of Art Felipe and Helena Von Strauss almost successfully climbed Mount Everest Philippe, unfortunately lost two toes to frostbite in the attempt.

Senora Alvarado is the honorary chairperson of fashion vs famine, a charitable organization that aids hungry children through the sale of couture clothing.

My friend Wolfgang book took early retirement from the Orient Express and opened up a detective agency in Istanbul.

Mary debenham and Baba bathnut were married in a discreet ceremony in Seattle.

Caroline Hubbard is currently appearing in a Salt Lake City dinner theater production of Agatha Christie's, the mouse trap, as for Vera rossakov and myself well, discretion commands that I be silent for the moment, but perhaps in due course, our Further Adventures will present themselves for your attention.

Thank you, foreign

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